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Feel free to write to me about any questions you have about your fish tanks. I really do enjoy answering questions and hearing what other people are doing, so don't hesitate!!! However, I do have one request: if you plan to ask me what fish to get, please read this first, as it is the answer I am most likely to give...

Bear in mind that if you ask a question that I have already addressed in the First Tank Guide I am likely to just direct you to the already published information in order to provide you with the most complete and consistent information I have.

Remember, I am not a veterinarian and as such, am not qualified to diagnose any illness your fish may have. If a veterinarian is not available to examine your fish in person and take the necessary cultures REQUIRED to provide a diagnosis, please refer to the information on selecting a medication here in the First Tank Guide for the absolute best information (and really the only information) anyone should offer you over the internet.

Please review the First Tank Guide before sending questions... :)

By filling out this form, you give me permission to use your aquarium questions, my answers to them, and any other information you provide in future revisions of the First Tank Guide. Please fill out all the question below to help expedite answers. I will respond to all questions I receive as soon as I reasonably can in roughly the ording in which they are received, so please be patient. Remember, if you do not provide me with an accurate email address, I have no way to respond to your question!

Your Aquarium Question Please be accurate with this one. If you enter the wrong address [accidentally or deliberately] or if your account is set up to prevent email from unknown accounts, I will NOT be able to reply. Whatever you want me to call you.

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I do reply to every question I receive (provided it has a valid email address), and I try to be as helpful as I can in doing so. I usually will get back to you within a few days to a week after receiving your message, but occasionally it takes a little longer. Remember, I cannot reply to a question if you entered your email address incorrectly. (You should receive a confirmation of your information request by email immediately.)

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"Thanks Keith for your reply. I think that I've been watching too many videos about specialist aquariums!!! As always your common sense comments hit the mark. Will have to adjust my expectations a little."
December 15, 2017
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"Just wanted to drop you a line and say "hi", and thanks for all the great info. Anyways, keep up the great work!"
May 1, 2002
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