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Moving Aquarium Water, Moving Your Fish Tank, Transporting Large Fish, or Just Routine Aquarium Maintenance.

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Whether your fish tank is a very large tank that is an architectural fixture in your home and plumbed in to the household plumbing, or the smallest smallest fish bowl available, having a bucket around will be useful in maintaining your fish tank.

Water Changes

One situation that will come up at least once a week are your weekly water changes which are a normal part of your routine aquarium maintenance. Having a bucket (or two or three) available to do these water changes will make it a lot easier, and make the process go much faster. If you can just siphon some dirty water from your fish tank to a bucket and then dispose of it, then fill the bucket with clean water and dechlorinate it and siphon (or pour carefully) the water back into the fish tank, the water change goes much faster.

Transporting Large Fish

Another situation where a bucket comes in handy is if you have to transport a large fish. You may have a fish that has outgrown your aquarium, and you want to give it to a friend or have made arrangements for a local pet shop to take it on and try to resell it. Either way, you'll need something to put the fish in for that trip to the shop or over to his new home. Having a bucket available will make this process much easier.

On the other hand, you may have a larger fish tank, and see a large fish for sale at a local pet store that you would like to add to your fish tank community. While some stores (especially in larger metropolitan areas) may have bags or other means of preparing this fish for you to take home, not all will. If you can supply a bucket to transport this fish, the staff at the local pet store will appreciate it greatly (and having good will from your local pet shop is always a good thing).

You may also just need to move a fish from one tank in your home to another, or from a wintering tank into an outdoor pond. In these cases, having a bucket available will also be helpful.

Moving with Your Fish Tank

When you move your fish tank, whether the move is across town or across the country, you want to save as much of the water as you can. Having buckets to hold the water will be very helpful in this, even if you are just draining one or two buckets full of water and carrying them across the living room.

Moving across town - or across the country - can be a little more involved, but having several buckets will help you to transport your fish and their water most effeciently.

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November 6, 2008
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