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Some Interesting Fish

Fish you might want to consider for your fish tank, or that you may want additional information about.

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There are numerous interesting fish in the pet trade. Some are interesting because of their coloration, others are interesting because of their shape, some are interesting because of their behavior. What constitutes interesting behavior to one person may or may not be interesting to another. Likewise, interesting colors or shapes my only be of interest to some people. Here is some basic information on the care of a few interesting fish.

Interesting Aquarium Fish

With over 300 different color and body type combinations to choose from, goldfish are far from "plain old" anymore!

Betta (Siamese Fighting Fish)
One of the most popular species of fish available today. Unfortunately, the Betta vase is killing many of these wonderful fish unnecessarily and making many people think that keeping fish is harder than it really is...

Thanks to Hollywood and some highly exaggerated early reports, these fish have an unfounded reputation as vicious and violent fish. In some places, this has resulted in unnecessary laws regulating their sale and distribution.

Close cousins to the piranha, these fish are often more aggressive and territorial, though they tend to be herbivorous!

Quite possibly the fish with the most personality. These very intelligent fish can make great pets, but they don't tend to get along well with other fish...

Ornamental Snails
Fascinating critters to keep in your fish tank, but beware that they can be devastating to live plants, and do not expect them to clean up for you, as they tend to be very messy...

A North and Central American brackish water fish that can grow to two feet long and may (though rarely) hunt smaller fish.

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October 8, 2005
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"Thank you so much! Very helpful! Of course, there's more info here than we need, but it more than adequately answers my question and will certainly help both now as we set things up and in the future as we "grow" from here potentially."
January 20, 2004
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